Certified Agile Leadership Workshop I

by “CALE”

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Leaders are the powerful factor in influencing an organization’s achievement in the transition in Agile. Increasing leadership efficiency, empowering teams and transforming the business can be challenging. Certified Agile Leadership Workshop provides an understanding of the shaping of Agile in a business, the impact it will have, and how leaders can best move the creativity forward.

Certified Leadership Training is an interactive leadership-focused workshop building skills and competencies to effectively guide and grow agile leaders, coaches and their organizations leadership training course is focused in two parts: personally on the agile leader in their self-agility and leading others, and externally on the leader’s capacity to drive organizational delivery and agility. Certified Agile leadership training demonstrates effective application of theory and provides concrete models, tools and techniques for leaders to employ directly in their organizations.

Day 1: Self-Leadership Agility & Catalyst Conversations

This day kicks off with a historical perspective of human development and leadership from the nomadic, agricultural, industrial and current creative societies. We introduce the Leadership Agility Maturity Model of expert, achiever and catalyst leadership to foster self-awareness of our own leadership maturity and to discover more agile thinking and behaviours. We explore the mindset and behaviours of leaders at these varying maturity levels to self-reflect on leadership traits in ourselves and others who lead us.

Finally, we practice a simple 5-step catalyst conversation technique to positively impact every aspect of our work (and personal) life. These techniques guide leaders in BEING agile over DOING Agile.

Day 2: Guiding and Growing Organizational Agility

This day re-orients the leader towards the organization and the focus of their work. Expanding upon the mindset and behaviours of the agile leader from day 1, we explore the organizational contexts of culture, structures and change to foster organizational delivery and agility. Two key focal points for the leader include improving the value delivery capability and improving the organizational learning capability.

We evaluate case studies of real organizations of different cultures applying agile structures of different patterns to drive effective and sustaining change with positive results. We reflect and share our own organizational cultures and structures in comparison to these case studies and other participant models.

Finally, we practice a simple 5-step V2MOM organizational change model to guide the change we need in our organizations.

Who is this workshop for?

Certified Agile Leadership Workshop is for leaders and coaches in an agile organization and external consultants who guide agile leaders and organizations. Both roles are critical for growing and sustaining agile maturity and a mix of participants in the same workshop enhance the learning environment. This includes organizational leaders at any level, project and process leaders, human resource and change management leaders, and agile coaches and trainers. This class assumes awareness and high-level understanding of core Agile principles and Scrum practices, but does not require them as a pre-requisite.

Meet your Trainer “Pete Behrens”

Pete Behrens is a Leadership Agility Coach with Trail Ridge Consulting focusing on leadership and organizational agility. He provides guidance to senior executives on how to transform themselves and their companies to work more effectively with more agility. His leadership has enhanced agility across many organizations including Salesforce.com, GE Healthcare, Google, McKinsey & Company, and more. With over 25 years in the product development and IT industry, and 15 years guiding agile organizations, Pete has a proven track record of developing effective and sustaining agile organizations.

Pete is a Certified Leadership Agility 360 coach providing one-on-one assessment, development and guidance for increasing the agility of organizational leaders.

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