Certified Agile Leadership Workshop I

by “CALE”

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Leaders are the powerful factor in influencing an organization’s achievement in the transition in Agile. Increasing leadership efficiency, empowering teams and transforming the business can be challenging. Certified Agile Leadership Workshop provides an understanding of the shaping of Agile in a business, the impact it will have, and how leaders can best move the creativity forward.

Certified Leadership Training is an interactive leadership-focused workshop building skills and competencies to effectively guide and grow Agile leaders, coaches and their organizations leadership training course is focused in two parts: personally on the Agile leader in their self-agility and leading others, and externally on the leader’s capacity to drive organizational delivery and agility. Certified Agile leadership training demonstrates effective application of theory and provides concrete models, tools and techniques for leaders to employ directly in their organizations.
The CAL program provides a framework for scrutinized education providers to build flexible learning programs and provides a guide path for participants to know they are receiving high-quality, dependable, and experienced-based education. The program includes introductory education to bring awareness of the focus and journey of the Agile leader as well as an advanced path of validated learning and practice for the leader to continue the learning journey. This program takes the following into consideration:
Agile leadership is a broad topic, currently without a shared definition or understanding. Organizational agility cannot exceed the level of personal leadership agility of those with the most influence in an organization. Because Agile leadership involves ongoing personal development, it is not something that can be mastered in a single training course.

Who is this workshop for?

Certified Agile Leadership Workshop is for leaders and coaches in an Agile organization and external consultants who guide Agile leaders and organizations. Both roles are critical for growing and sustaining Agile maturity and a mix of participants in the same workshop enhance the learning environment. This includes organizational leaders at any level, project and process leaders, human resource and change management leaders, and Agile coaches and trainers. This class assumes awareness and high-level understanding of core Agile principles and Scrum practices, but does not require them as a pre-requisite.

Meet your Trainer “Pete Behrens”

Pete Behrens is a Leadership Agility Coach and have been providing guidance to senior executives on how to transform. He is a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach providing one on-one assessment, development and guidance for increasing the Agility of organizational leaders. Being (CEC) and (CST) himself, he has been working closely with different organizations and guided them in improving their organizational Agility. He founded the CEC program by Scrum Alliance. His is keen in developing Agile Leaders through workshops and other engagements. He also led the development of the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Program for the Scrum Alliance.

Meet your Trainer “Michael Sahota”

Michael Sahota guides and teaches leaders how to create high-performance organizations. He has a proven practical playbook for leading change. His model for Consciously Approaching Agile™ guides the creation of a cultural and leadership context where Agile drives lasting organizational results. As a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, Michael teaches on a worldwide basis. His highly accoladed Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) Training reflects his growth and capability as a leader. He has been traveling to India for the past 4 years in an intense study of personal growth and transformation for his own leadership path. He practices and models what he teaches to create transformative experiences. Since 2001, Michael has been guiding success with Agile. Since 2010, he has held his Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) designation. In 2012, he published the ground-breaking book "An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture". Michael has two books that are to be published this year: Emotional Science and Agile Leadership.

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