OpenSpace Aglity Workshop

by Daniel Mezick | Hyderabad
Monday, 4th Dec 2017 - Tuesday, 5th Dec 2017 | 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

OpenSpace Agility (OSA)

Join our two-day interactive, experiential session on how to create a rapid and lasting Agile adoption in your team or organisation. OpenSpace Agility (OSA) is a technique designed by Daniel Mezick for a rapid and lasting Agile adoption. Is it a proven approach that helps in any culture transformation shift, whether it is "the new way of working" or "self-organising teams" . Daniel Mezick, the founder of OpenSpace Agility will guide you through his approach during this two day OpenSpace Agility workshop.

With OpenSpace Agility workshop will guide organisations in:

  • Reduction the costs in implementing Agile programs.
  • Rapid, and long-lasting approach to transformation.
  • Systematic increase in employee’s engagement scores.
  • Predictable, reliable, repeatable, evidence based improved results
  • Increase in stakeholder satisfaction for creating mindset.


Day 1: Open Space Internals

  • Stories from Open Space
  • Preparation for Open Space
  • Delivering Open Space
  • Inspecting results and moving to action
  • Advanced topics
  • An Open Space toolkit

Day 2: OpenSpace Agility

  • Overview of organisations and social Systems
  • OpenSpace Agility theory
  • OpenSpace Agility components
  • Open Space and high performance
  • Exploring the OpenSpace Agility case studies
  • The OpenSpace Agility agile toolkit
  • Implementing OpenSpace Agility
  • Using OpenSpace Agility inside a troubled Agile adoption
  • Live simulation: Open Space

Certification Details :

  • All who join this two-day Workshop become certified as an Open Space Practitioner Level 1 (OSP1 certification) **and** as an OpenSpace Agility Practitioner Level 1 (OSA1 certification.)
  • Attendee of this 2-day Workshop **also** becomes eligible to take the steps needed to become a certified trainer and award students the OSP1 and OSA1 certifications from OpenSpace Agility.

Certification benefits include :

  • Credentialing in OpenSpace Agility knowledge and skills.
  • Worldwide Listing on the OpenSpace Agility consultants and trainers pages
  • Membership in the OpenSpace Agility website
  • Membership in the members-only OpenSpace Agility group online (Facebook)
  • Access to incoming requests from organizations and consultants seeking OpenSpace Agility facilitators in your region.
  • Discounts on classes and workshops from OpenSpace Agility