Agile Coaching

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Agile Coaching

Agile adoption has become need-of-the-hour for organizations thriving to sustain and improve, amidst today’s exponentially changing business environment. However, due to lack of attention to organizational process and culture required for Agile Transformation, they are facing challenges in their Agile Adoption journey.

In a common scenario, leaders in development teams concentrate more on business needs while their teams focus on development needs which eventually never brings them on the same pace, making Agile adoption tougher and tougher.

"Adopting Agile is as important as creating the right culture for it"

This is where we’ve been guiding organizations with a successful Agile adoption through our Agile Coaching services. It includes continued Agile consulting and Training support at all levels of an organization, so-as-to pave way for a smoother Agile adoption journey for them.

How We Can Help?

We don't just preach about a standard model of working but focus on quality. Our Agile coaches and consultants have been guiding organizations, both in cultural and processes transformation. Cultural Transformation roadmap begins in leadership and team level, whereas process transformation guides the roadmap of effecting right framework and designing pilots accordingly.

What our Agile Coaches Will Do?

  • Coach development teams and their leaders with basic Scrum vocabulary; including self-organized teams, continuous improvement, cross-functionality, risk identification, dependency management, and conflict resolution.
  • Assist them with application of Scrum Framework and principles to bring effectiveness in the teams.
  • Help Scrum Masters and Product Owners with better understanding of their Roles and Responsibilities in a development team.
  • Educate and guide about Agile practices to everyone in an organizational hierarchy including executives, leaders, stakeholders and others.
  • Provide continued support to the teams and managers through valuable inspect and adapt practices.
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations, metrics and information radiators.

Why Us?

We aim on simplifying current working processes of any organization and give them experiential trainings like CSM, CSPO, SAFe, CAL1 and a conglomerate of Agile coach certifications for top and managerial level professionals, which they need to unleash the power of popular Agile methodology.

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