Agile Contract & Vendor Management

There are fundamentally differences in traditional project contracting and contracting for Agile development. As in traditional contracts for an Agile development project can endanger the project execution may cause the establishments to fail to get the potential benefits of Agile development. The purpose of the one-day workshop is to understand the basics of Agile contracting and contracting models to reduce risk and get desired benefits in adopting Agile development.

Agility infers “responding to change over following a plan” and “customer collaboration over contract negotiation”. This one-day workshop will validate implementing parallel models in contracts. Below topics will be covered.

  • Delivery Cycle
  • Project Scope
  • Change Control
  • Termination
  • Acceptance
  • Deliverables
  • Timing of payment
  • Pricing
  • Warranty
  • Limitations of liability

For anyone who is new to Agile development, it is imperative to understand the new delivery cycle. The noteworthy differences for legal professionals to grasp regarding delivery cycle and milestones in agile development include:

  • Doneness and Deployability - Each iteration delivery is done, programmed, tested and so on and is in theory deployable
  • Duration - Smaller usually 2 weeks
  • Timeboxing - Fixed time but variable scope
  • Agile contracts do not define an exact and unchanging project scope, although there are variations in the degree of scope specificity and change, ranging from low to high. You will understand these variations in detail in the workshop.
  • The change management philosophy of an Agile approach defines how to re-prioritizable backlog and adaptive iterative planning.
  • Understand the concept of termination which is also linked with change control in that an agile project to the point of stopping further effort at the end of any iteration
  • Discussion how vital questions is outsourced project work and how ambiguity around such issues is a possible source of conflict and of litigation is resolved.
  • Understand how to avoid of sample clauses and how to define acceptance of the deliverable customer and supplier. Agile contract validates content in deliverables, timing of payment, pricing, warranty, limitations of liability in details and this workshop will make empower you how to start agile contracting to reduce risk and get desired benefits while adopting agile development

This one-day training will make you understand the following prospects of vendor management in details:

  • Risk Sharing vs Risk Transfer
  • Feature based payment vs Milestone Based
  • Outcome based vs Milestone based
  • Team based ownership vs Management based
  • One team vs Partnership
  • Long term relation vs Fungible contracts
  • End to end contracts vs Horizontal contracts
  • Focus on products over activities
  • Business KPI vs Operation KPI
  • Transparency vs Burocracy
  • Respond over React
  • Contingency in scope over vs Time and Cost

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