Agile Estimating & Planning

Planning and estimation in Agile are two of the foremost factors that can influence the outcome of any development. Planning in Agile is an ongoing iterative approach to planning, which is a quest for creating value. Estimating and planning is not just about determining an appropriate deadline or schedule, it is just an appropriation for you, a benchmark to follow. While formulating Big plans for any organisation, first estimation normally flops. As per Mike Cohn "Agile planning balances the effort and investment in planning with the knowledge that we will revise the plan through the course of the project. An Agile plan is one that we are not only willing, but also eager to change "

The notion is in Agile planning shifts the emphasis from the plan to the planning. Its creation is a natural reaction of the evolving Agile projects and organizations where ordinary planning and estimations fail to survive due to its rigid nature. People misunderstand Agile planning and estimation due to its short, repetitive, and flexible nature. However, if it is implemented correctly, Agile planning and estimation can be the best solution for a lot of projects and organizations. Proper Estimating and Planning are critical for success of any development project of any size or consequence in an Agile environment. Plan guides us to an investment decision. Plans help us know if a project is on track to deliver the functionality that users need and expect. A good planning process supports this by:

  • Reducing Risk
  • Reducing Uncertainity
  • Supporting better decision making
  • Establishing trust
  • Conveying information
  • Is focused more on the planning than the plan
  • Encourages change
  • Results in plans that are easily changed
  • Spread throughout the projects

Estimating and planning are critical, yet are very difficult and error prone. We cannot excuse ourselves from these activities just because they are hard. Estimates given early in a project are far less accurate than those given later. This progressive refinement is shown in the cone of uncertainty. This one-day workshop is for product managers, product owners, and business analysts who wish to learn about backlog management, prioritization, release management, user stories, estimation techniques, roles, and responsibilities of product owners and stakeholders, team, and scrum master.

Agenda for the one-day workshop is -

  1. Release Planning
    • Time Boxing
    • Setting Up Release
    • Creating a release plan
    • Planning for debt
    • Release Velocity
    • Release Retrospect
  2. Estimation
    • Relative Estimation vs Traditional Estimation
    • Techniques of application
    • Level of estimation
    • Estimation and using units
    • Release Velocity
    • Release Retrospect
  3. Backlog Management
    • User Workshops
    • Levels
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