Coach the coach

Is Coaching only about being a Guru or more...? What’s the Difference Between a Coach and a Guru? Are they the same? Does it matter?

A coach is not only a guru, but a beacon of change, an instigator, a disruptor, a fanatic and much more. Effective coaching requires patience, perseverance, and a few tricks of the art. Patience and perseverance are behaviour virtues and the art can be learnt. Marrying these virtues with art, accomplishing “a Coach” in his journey of being “the Guru”. Coaching is nurturing by attaining the virtues of being “the Guru”. “The Guru” can transform the art into passion originating a knowledge pool which makes him uniquely placed. Coaching is not just a profession, but an art of helping people change. The Coach's value lies not in preaching about Agile (or Scrum) but in getting the teams to ask the right questions at the right time, guiding and mentoring the team to success and being there for the team when needed.

What problem does Coach the Coach Workshop solve?

Have you ever come across situations in your organization, when you face challenges as below :

  • Where do I start?
  • What should I do if no one opens upto me?
  • How can I relate better to my team?
  • How should I coach someone who is managed by someone?
  • How should I handle complex issues?
  • How can I get ongoing support?
  • How to change the mindset?

This coach the coach workshop guides you in detoxing your mind in un-complicating the complicated problems of your organisation. This training is answer to all your why’s and how’s covering the essential aspects of behavioural and transformational coaching and Psycho analytical approaches to work with team members. This is a one of a kind workshop for coaches, scrum masters, Agile Coaches and Agile Team Managers who would like to use their coaching skills in an effective way to help their teams get better in their Agile adoption journey. AgiVetta Consulting is proud to share the roadmap for the art of coaching with the three-day Coach-the-Coach program.

Agenda 2 Days (Spread over 4 Half Days)

  1. The basics of agile coaching
    • The role of a coach
    • The need of a coach
    • Understanding the coach's mindset
  2. Effective coaching techniques
    • Transactional vs Transformation coaching
    • Transformation coaching stages
  3. How to reflect the business value of coaching
    • Is business value required in a coaching role?
    • Quantitative and qualitative business value
    • Daily stand-up the coaching matrices
  4. Techniques for OCM and team building
    • Team building strategies
    • Understanding the team mindset
    • The ADKAR Model
    • The scope and outreach of a coaching program
    • The Fish! Philosophy
  5. Facilitation and Leadership
    • Leadership traits in coaching
    • Facilitation and brainstorming techniques
  6. Innovation games
    • De bono thinking techniques
  7. Coaching Rendezvous (Peer Coaching)
  8. Live coaching examples, situations and case studies
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