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How to manage your team?

The challenges for any business organization is managing team efficiencies for continuous development with innovation. Team building and effectively managing are often misunderstood and brushed aside with the hope that they will just fade, which rarely happens. What to do now?

Scrum as a method of learning and developing your team? As we know, the goal of any organization is to have high-performing, cross-functional teams. Now a-days, most of the IT organization has successfully used this for creating high-performing, cross-functional teams. This changed the outlook of software development, innovating the scope of work. This has revolutionized businesses for team building and development to increase productivity and effectiveness.

The scrum master is responsible for making sure that the team lives by the values and practices. He helps product owner to create a balance as a process owner for the team and does anything possible to help the team perform at their highest level. He is a true mentor, visionary and process champion for the team and not a mere manager, guru or a project administrator.


What are his roles?

Making sure the team follows the values and practices.

Facilitating Process, Creativity and Empowerment.

Improving the productivity of the team.

Protecting and focusing on the development team to commit high quality product.

Removing barriers between development team and Product Owner for a smoother run of the process.

Ensuring visibility of the team’s progress in terms of quality, progression, and efficiency of the project.


CSM Certification

How to get your CSM certification?

After attending the two-day CSM training course, you will be eligible for this certification. This will guide teams to properly adapt in this process of team building, increasing the possibility of the project's overall success. After the training, you will be getting online examination link with 35 multiple choice questions.

Throughout this CSM training, our coaches and trainers covers all aspects of learning, both in practice as well as in theory. You will understand the depth of principles and values to know the roleplay in the successful accomplishment of your projects. During these two days of invigorating videos, exercises, discussions and talk, attendees will acquire and experience of Scrum and Agile basics, along with critical qualifying skills.


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