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Entrepreneurs Dilemma! How to create Product Designs for Start-up?

For every entrepreneur and start-up, the challenge as a product owner is build effective product design as desired and in time. But normally this does not happen. As a product owner and project manager, we face challenges while implementing or managing the projects. Some of the crucial challenges are:

Defining Product Vision

Time Management

Command and Control vs Adapt and Inspect

Short Term vs Long term goals

Direction and Delivery of Project

Analysis of Customer Needs


Now these challenges can only be solved after you have answers to the following questions:

What is the right thing to build?

How do we build the right thing?

How do we do it most effectively?

How to co-ordinate the team to do it effectively and in time?

CSPO Training

How to design most valuable products?

Designing valuable products, ensuring the priorities & productivity for organisation is a chief role as a PO. If a PO fails in channelizing the above roles and responsibility, the fate of the project is also doomed. It is essential for any product owner to recognize the process in which the roles and tram work together for the success of the project.

We provide a unique, interceptive, collaborating Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO) Workshop. This workshop will not only guide, but also easy insights of the processes in depth.CSPO training offers a practical understanding of the Scrum processes. This will enhance the knowledge and skills for application of Scrum in projects.

Our scrum coaches and trainers have been guiding product owners in their journey of product development processes to find the answers to all their what’s and why’s. This workshop will ensure all the trainee to recognize and interpret a progressive ideology for educating in a systematic way.

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner Training will guide you in:

Practical Project-Proven Practices.

Marking user sections for the scrum product.

Proven methods for prioritizing the scrum product backlog.

Identify the transfer date of a project using velocity.

Guidelines for handling the key variables in employing project success.

Briefs and techniques of using Scrum in a wide array of environments.


Learning Roadmaps for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups

This learning session will guide entrepreneurs and start-ups in creating and designing most valuable products and services. This will also guide you in expanding your business by staying relevant and profitable across all industry sectors by implementing Agile practices.


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