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“Nurturing Flexible Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs with a Mindset Change”

Have you ever thought, what sets successful leaders apart from the rest? As per research, effective leadership and entrepreneurship mediates the ability to navigate through situations and to learn from experience without becoming rigid. At its core, Agile has transformed to Agile leadership. Agile leadership, implies contingency that how one leads is dependent on how one analyses and views a situation. Agile learners are better able to work through complex problems drive innovation and grow an essential point.

The three traits characterize of an Agile learner:

Tolerance of ambiguity: Comfort with vague or contradictory information and the ability to make decisions when things are ambiguous.

Intellectual curiosity: The extent to which a person is likely to tackle problems in an innovative way, see patterns in complex information, and pursue deep understanding.

Emotional intelligence: The ability to influence, collaborate, and communicate effectively with others and use interpersonal awareness in a way that advances collective goals.

Our entrepreneurship and leadership covers workshops which magnifies and nurtures the three traits as an Agile learner. These workshops are specially designed for new entrepreneurs and start-ups. Startupbootcamp report on start-up reveals that over half of the start-ups believe corporates need to innovate more. What best than bring Agile and innovative thinking to business, un-complicating the experience for internal process to work. So, these workshops are stone turners for start-ups, new entrepreneurs

Certified Agile Marketing Specialist Training

Agile Marketing is contrast to our traditional marketing approaches will involve an increase of effectiveness of Marketing patterns. In short, it will challenge and evolve our traditional Marketing Funnel to a different dimension.


A truly crucial instrument in the toolkit of any progressive management, is the willingness to enhance its team’s capabilities and broaden each staff member’s ambitions. Learning-Management and Talent-Development are essential ingredients to ensure that teams are aligned towards common goals and equipped to achieve challenging goals. However often we observe that training interventions are dispensed either as ‘year-end budget-burning team building activities’ or as ‘stop-gap incentives to ambitious contributors’.

Certified Agile Leadership Workshop

Leaders are the powerful factor in influencing an organization’s achievement in the transition in Agile. Increasing leadership efficiency, empowering teams and transforming the business can be challenging. Certified Agile Leadership Workshop provides an understanding of the shaping of Agile in a business, the impact it will have, and how leaders can best move the creativity forward.

OpenSpace Agility

OpenSpace Agility is a repeatable technique for receiving a lasting and rapid Agile adoption. OSA Workshop works with what you are presently doing, and can be added at any time. OSA is flexible template for enabling lasting change in organization. OpenSpace Agility Workshop includes the power of OpenSpace, invitation, passage rites, game mechanics, storytelling and many more…so your Agile adoption can really take root. Open space agility is based on people, THEN practices. You can use any framework or practice with OSA.

Management 3.0

Agile Management 3.0 is a movement of invention, management, and leadership. Management 3.0 is redefining the meaning of leadership with management as a group accountability. It’s about working together to discover the most efficient way for a business to attain its goals while maintaining the happiness of workers as a primacy.

Agile Management 3.0 is a global management revolution that takes together thousands of project managers, mid-level managers, developing solutions together, CEOs and entrepreneurs, using games to inspire employee feedback and team relationship.

Learning 3.0 Workshop

Our learning process have evolved to a new dynamic where we must relearn to learn, redefining the relationship between learning and relearning. For this we need newer concepts, newer customs, and newer learning tools to practice. This is unquestionably a revolution, which we call Learning 3.0! Learning 3.0 emerges when faced with new conditions and challenges in the real world. The process of learning is inclusive, promoting dialogue with numerous perspectives. Learning 3.0 is bases and creates the foundation of emergent learning. To develop the learning aesthetics, we must learn share.

Time Management in Agile

We all must have faced situations of time crisis in both personal and professional life. We normally come to a rescue phrase “I don’t have enough time.” Have we really thought why these situations arises and what are the resolutions to it? The resolutions can be traced to the power of time management, focus and prioritisation. Agile philosophy has magnified the problems of time management and gave a very extensive outlook to time, focus and prioritisation. Agile gives us outlook for getting very meaningful results.

Fish ! Philosophy

From a group of fishmongers from Seattle’s Pike Place FISH! market to development towards a Philosophy, the journey of is very crucial to understand overall work-cultural development. FISH! Philosophy encourages connecting to human values to flourish and increase productivity. Life as a fishmonger is hard work, despite the cold and harsh conditions, they have found a way to harness a positive attitude and entertain themselves at work.


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