Person Krishna Joshi

06th June 2017

Estimating in agile

For Software developers, estimation is among the most difficult aspects of any project. It takes into account a slew of factors that guide product owners to make decisions that affect the entire team–and the business. With all that at stake, it's no wonder everyone from developers to upper management is prone to facing unfavorable situations. But that's a mistake. Estimation is just that: an estimate. Not a blood-oath. There's no requirement to work on weekends in order to compensate for under-estimating a project. That said, this webinar will guide you through some ways to make estimation as accurate as possible.

Your Learning Host - Krishna Joshi

  • Krishna is a passionate Agile Coach/Trainer with nearly 17 years of IT experience in Enterprise Software Development in the US, Europe, and India.
  • Partnered with prestigious clients in their Enterprise Agile Transformation, Launching Agile Release Trains, Agile Leadership Coaching.
  • List of clients includes Fortune 100 MNCs like AMEX, IBM, CSC, Mahindra Satyam, NTT Data, UHG and Cisco.
  • Extensively travelled on Consulting/Business Development, Delivery and Agile Transformation assignments.
  • Has trained over 2000 people on Agile Methodologies and coached over 50 Agile.
  • Teams to help them with Agile Transformation, becoming Self Organizing and High performing Teams.
  • Seasoned coach on Agile Methodologies and have the experience of running several Corporate and Public Workshops on Agile (EXIN ASM, PMI-ACP, Scrum), Scaled Agile Frameworks.
  • Provides a best combination of Client IT Delivery experience and Project Methodology, Extreme Programming (XP) Engineering Practices.

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