Horizons in Agile Communities

From 17 thinkers to crafting millions


February 2001, marks the birth of Agile development principles. Seventeen exceptional thinkers met for a common motto in ‘The Lodge at Snowbird’ in Utah, United States. Motto was to think differently, plan differently. The road of the evolution in enterprise & software development was diverse and full of challenges. The challenge was to create something which was more timely and responsive. In 1990s, with growth of PC computing acted as a stepping stone in the world of Industry 4.0. The enterprises with this massive expansion faced a crisis in the application development, or application delivery lag. The probable cause was businesses moved faster than anticipated.

The analysis of this problem resulted in what we know now as “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”. This also gave rise to a group called “The Agile Alliance.” The development road of Waterfall Vs Agile provided much needed evolutionary respite in the modern era. We all have travelled in time from necessity to invention for growth of Agile framework and Agile Community. Let’s join hands and nurture Agile Community.

AgiVetta Consulting has always taken initiative for growth of Agile world. Our mantra for is to engage in human values than any processes. We are proud “Evening Chill-out Sponsor” of Agile Singapore 2016. Meet the CEO Madhur Kathuria and the team AgiVetta at #AgileSG16. For more information, mail us at info@agivetta.com