JIRA Training

“The name "JIRA" is actually inherited from the Japanese word "Gojira" which means Godzilla."


JIRA is a well-known Agile based Project Management Tool that can transfer the way you handle your projects efficiently. It can benefit you to deliver project fast and professionally. In this course, you will learn how JIRA can be used to handle KANBAN and SCRUM projects. JIRA also helps you to handle multiple projects simultaneously. JIRA is mainly used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management etc. 


Workshop Highlights

Agile transformation journey for your enterprise is not complete until you employ an Agile Backlog and Project Management tool and will be able to use it to get the right information at the right time. Although there are many tools available today, Atlassian JIRA has been most widely accepted and adapted by enterprises around the world. This two-day hands on session covers the activities and best practices that every JIRA administrator should know when setting up, configuring and maintaining their JIRA instance for their enterprise. This training is well thought and planned in a way that will suit the very simple and advanced JIRA user. This session will enable the attendee to learn and become proficient in backlog Management, Workflow, User and Role Management, Security and server administration.

In this JIRA Training course, you will learn about JIRA from very simple till advanced concepts of JIRA like KANBAN and SCRUM. This training is well thought and planned in a way that will suit the very simple and advanced JIRA user. This course is the wide path to level up your JIRA skills. We believe that the best way to learn is over practical exercises, so the emphasis in all our courses is to offer hands-on, practical examples that support the concepts covered in the course. JIRA Training covers using JIRA Agile as a tool to care the delivery of Agile projects. The focus of this training will be the actual use of JIRA established on the Agile roles of Product Owner, Team Leader and Scrum Master. JIRA Training also will review how JIRA supports the Agile methods for Sprint Management, Backlog Management, Agile Burndown charts, and more.

If you are new to JIRA or Testing and a bit muddled on how to use JIRA efficiently in an Agile environment? Then this training course is for you.

Course Overview

Day 1

  • JIRA Key Concepts – Introduction To JIRA, projects, Issues, Workflow 
  • Getting Started with JIRA – User Profiles, Interface, JIRA Dashboard 
  • Introduction to Issues – Issues Hierarchy 
  • Introduction to Workflows 
  • Collaboration – Commenting, Sharing, Watching Issues 
  • Searching and Filters – Issue Search, Issue Navigator, Issue Filters 
  • Reporting – Creating and using reports 
  • Jira Dashboard – Modifying, configuring JIRA Dashboard 
  • Configuring Layout and Design – Default Language, Issue Navigator, Dashboard 
  • User and Group Management – Manage Users, Groups, User Sessions
  • Project management – Managing Projects, Roles, Versions

Day 2

  • Configuring Security – Permissions and Policies
  • Configuring Fields and Screens – Custom Fields, Behaviour, Custom screens
  • Workflow Management – Activating, configuring, sharing workflow
  • Configuring Global Settings – Time Tracking, Issue Cloning, Linking, Shared filters
  • Configuring Email and Importing Data
  • Server Administration – Server setup, backup data, restore data, indexing
  • Managing Add Ons

Course objectives of JIRA Training

After attending this training course, attendees must be able to:

  • Create a JIRA issue and growth it through the workflow
  • Display the issue status as it flows over the workflow using search
  • Define how issues are categorized in JIRA
  • Save a search to shorten status requests
  • Vary existing issues, changing priority and assignees
  • Update many issues in one operation to align with varying business requirements
  • Use varieties to coordinate a product release
  • Trial with an Agile board to managing multiple problems effectively
  • Link a JIRA issue to a Meeting page
  • Link progress of project tasks using the JIRA dashboard

Who Should Attend 

This course is ideal for users who are using or wish to use JIRA for their enterprise that is going through or starting with Agile transformation. Members of Tool Administration, IT Delivery, Network Administration, Application Management, Build and Configuration Management, Release Management, System Team, Integration Team, Developers, Leads, Designers and Managers can attend this training and workshop.

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