Learning 3.0 Workshop

“Learning 3.0 is an uprising the way we learn.”

Our learning process have evolved to a new dynamic where we must relearn to learn, redefining the relationship between learning and relearning. For this we need newer concepts, newer customs, and newer learning tools to practice. This is unquestionably a revolution, which we call Learning 3.0! Learning 3.0 emerges when faced with new conditions and challenges in the real world. The process of learning is inclusive, promoting dialogue with numerous perspectives. Learning 3.0 is bases and creates the foundation of emergent learning. To develop the learning aesthetics, we must learn share.

As we know the process of learning complex process with complicated prediction of behaviour. There is constantly need to learn from all the interactions and adapt facts per new emergent information. For this reason, Learning 3.0 was created, which can work as a powerful tool to face the complex challenges. To summarise the essence behind Learning 3.0 is to look over the existing models of learning, in a process to re-leaning.

This one day workshop session will enlighten “What is” and “How” Learning 3.0 works. Learning 3.0 was primarily designed to be a powerful tool to face the complex challenges inside software development activity. In this training, you will understand in details how to put it into practice. As Learning 3.0 is based on collaborative and emergent learning, we can apply Learning 3.0 from a team retrospective to an organizational Agile transformation. We can use Learning 3.0 to solve issues like “How to solve the corporate obstacles to adopt Scrum?”, or “How to grow or scale our Scrum adoption?”. The aim to share our daily experiences as Agile/Trainers/ Team Coaches to motivate the attendees about how increase the process of learning in an Agile context. In Learning 3.0 model, the product of learning is no longer clear by specialists. It appears when faced with new challenges and conditions in the real world. The process of learning is inclusive, promoting discussion with many perspectives.

Learning 3.0 workshop is a concept that can be applied in different contexts and environments. This concept can be useful for Agile Teams in different stages. In Learning 3.0 workshop this session will work like as a Learning Shot session that the main topic is “How to help teams and organizations to learn fast”. We start our session with a connection dynamic. After that, we will explain the concept of Learning 3.0. We will execute a dynamic and then We will explain some learning organization concepts.

What is Learning Shot?

We use a tool called Learning Canvas that was designed to centralize and facilitate all discussions during the process of emergent learning. In most of the dynamics, we will organize the room in small collections. This tool is fully problem-driven that means that overall contents in the canvas will be pulled by the problem or by its signs. This tool can help you solve difficult problems on your Agile team or on your organisational Agile adoption drive.


  • Connections - 10 min
    To discuss experiences, essential to know each other. This is best time to know the others.
  • Learning 3.0 Intro - 10 min
    Discuss is the best method to learn, and this is the passion of Learning 3.0! We will clarify what this revolution in the learning process.
  • Inter ACTION - 50 min
    We will start to have a higher understanding about the problems of software architecture. Your ideas want to have better reach and success we need to support our interactions with others.
  • How creative works learn - 10 min
    If your business stop to learn unfortunately, your business will be breaking. Technically persons is who learn inside your organization.
  • Interval - 10 min
    A small break to refresh your mind.
  • Learning Canvas - 90 min
    We will organize short groups. Every group will discuss one of the problems linked to "How creative workers learn". A planned way members share ideas and stories linked to the problem.

Target Audience

Business and executive leaders, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Team Leads, Director, Manager, CTO, CEO, CLO, Organisational Development Professionals, Facilitators, and consultants.


  • Differences among pull and push learning.
  • What is developing learning?
  • What is Learning 3.0?
  • How to build a collaborative environment for Learning 3.0?
  • How to use the Learning Canvas and How to relate the Learning?
  • How to apply Canvas to help an Agile Team or a business?


Attending this workshop and all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

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