A truly crucial instrument in the toolkit of any progressive management, is the willingness to enhance its team’s capabilities and broaden each staff member’s ambitions. Learning-Management and Talent-Development are essential ingredients to ensure that teams are aligned towards common goals and equipped to achieve challenging goals. However often we observe that training interventions are dispensed either as ‘year-end budget-burning team building activities’ or as ‘stop-gap incentives to ambitious contributors’.

The root-cause for training being such a loose-fit, is partially because HR departments and organizational leadership have lost faith in training. The biggest responsibility rests in the hands of trainers. Functioning more like consulting practitioners is what is expected of this fraternity. However, what comes through, due to commercial pressures, is a ‘one pill for all ills’ approach with programs that are too mundane and off-the-shelf. To add to it, the situation becomes worse when teams do not have the decorum to implement what they have learnt or the mentoring to guide them towards excellence.

Having discovered this flaw, we at Seerah set out on a mission to make amends on both these fronts, with the aim of creating a comprehensive approach. This gave birth to ManagemenD, a consultancy approach delivering learning solutions, in the form of multi-tier training and development interventions. With the clear aim of accurately gauging the unequivocal gaps in learning and management that any team faces, ManagemenD lends itself as a platform to ensure the right training is provided at the right time to those expected to contribute. Where all other methods have failed, ManagemenD ensures what team’s learn also gets implemented rigorously.


Discover, Diagnose, Amend – ManagemenD
Simply split into Strategic and Tactical alignments needed, ManagemenD activities can be split into high-level Strategic ManagemenD (SmD) and organization-wide Tactical ManagemenD (TmD) activities. The agenda remains clear, to first put in the necessary effort to understand teams and the individuals that make the team. With a clear understanding of how teams and departments operate, ManagemenD programs are designed to mend issues that organizations face, especially in such a difficult business-climate as we are in today.

A crew of seasoned strategist and trainers first conduct the necessary analyses to understand the dynamics of your team. This helps to ensure the right mix of content, trainers and learning is outlined at both SmD and TmD levels. Training calendars that ensue are then delivered by professionals who are at the top of their game. Using top-notch training methods, gamification and technology based learning tools, programs are delivered to chosen teams, team members and contributors. Following this, neutral experts are planted into your organization to ensure that learning from the training conducted, is implemented in a timely fashion.

Training interventions conducted:

Strategic ManagemenD (SmD). As the name suggests, SmD is basically carried out to ensure strategic alignment within organizations. Often teams are underperforming not due to external forces, as much as they are because of internal disorientation. By carrying out the following 5 activities with select teams and talents, high-level strings of strategy are woven into the fabric of the organization:

  • Orchestrating winning strategies – making irreversible investments into people, processes, and policies
  • Thinking Talent Management – going beyond the norms of HR
  • Innovation put in motion – developing meaningful differentiation from within
  • Developing brand realities – positioning businesses and their
  • Succession planning 2.0 – learning to work with millennials

Tactical ManagemenD (TmD). Distinctly different from SmD, TmD activities are aimed at an organization-wide audience where the aim is to equip the team from the root-upwards. Interventions at TmD level are squarely meant to tactically prepare the team for the delivering upon the Business Strategies identified in SmD interventions with focus on the following activities:

  • Managing employee development – contribution based appraisal and internal-marketing systems
  • SPIN Sales and Proactive Marketing – applying global sales and marketing solutions
  • Communication and Influencing skills – improved negotiation, bettered bottom-lines
  • Creativity and Innovation management – connecting ideas to challenges
  • Interpersonal skills – developing friction-free, high-collaboration teams

Benefits of ManagemenD

If we think a holistic approach to your learning, there are challenges:

  • Hard-hitting training conducted on time and on target.
  • Zero wastage training interventions aimed at solving specific, agreed and mendable challenges.
  • Globally experienced trainers, facilitators, and consultants at your service.
  • Mentoring promoted throughout organizations


Universally applicable, infinitely customizable.

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