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What is Management 3.0?

Agile Management 3.0 is a movement of invention, management and leadership. Management 3.0 is redefining the meaning of leadership with management as a group accountability. It’s about working together to discover the most efficient way for a business to attain its goals while maintaining the happiness of workers as a primacy.

Agile Management 3.0 is a global management revolution that takes together thousands of project managers, mid-level managers, developing solutions together, CEOs and entrepreneurs, using games to inspire employee feedback and team relationship.

You don’t want soft management science and theories, you want hands-on methodologies that can become solutions for increasing employee meeting and improving results. You want to build a vision.

Based on Jurgen Appelo’s best-selling book, the Agile Management 3.0 training course was given in more than 15 countries. AgiVetta Consulting is proud to offer this course in India.

What is the definition of leadership?

Can anyone manage a team? Can anyone be a leader? We believe management is not only the manager’s accountability. It’s everyone’s job! Leadership follows the goal of growing and changing organizations that are great places to work for, where people are involved, the work is better and clients are simply pleased.

What is an Agile Management 3.0 Workshop?

Each Management 3.0 Workshop is targeted to one particular group of people: those attentive on refining their approach to management. These are the people who know that there is not enough employee engagement and team relationship in their organization. These are the people who won’t just carp, but are looking for active solutions to change management processes.

There are many people across organizations observing to answer:

  • How can we motivate our workers?
  • How can we improve teamwork and team collaboration?
  • How can we change the organization’s culture?
  • How can we get teams to take responsibility?
  • How can we make managers to trust their teams?
  • How can we change the mind-set of managers?
  • How can we be agile when the organization is not?
  • How can we develop people’s competencies?

Who should attend?

  • 2 days of training covering the complete standard Management 3.0 course.
  • Certification of participation
  • Lot of games and fun & tools to practice.

What is an Agile Management 3.0 Workshop?

Anybody who wants to be a well leader! We consider that management is not only the managers’ responsibility. It is a job for everyone’s.

If you’re a CEO, team leader, agile developer, delivery manager, development manager, product owner, middle manager, human resources manager, project manager, scrum master, or want to be a great people leader regardless of title, this workshop is best for you!

Course prerequisites:

It will be great if you have experience in Agile principles and practices.

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