OpenSpace Agility Training

OpenSpace Agility is a repeatable technique for receiving a lasting and rapid Agile adoption. OSA Workshop works with what you are presently doing and can be added at any time. OSA is flexible template for enabling lasting change in organization.

OpenSpace Agility Workshop includes the power of OpenSpace, invitation, passage rites, game mechanics, storytelling and many more…so your Agile adoption can really take root. Open space agility is based on people, THEN practices. You can use any framework or practice with OSA.

OpenSpace Agility Technique

Is your Agile adoption in trouble? OpenSpace Agility Technique can help. Just getting ongoing with Agile? This is the simple way to start.

Effective, rapid and lasting Agile adoptions are run by HUMAN ENGAGEMENT, not frameworks, coaches and consultants. You can start using the OSA technique, today, to recover your current Agile adoption, or to get it correct the first time.

Course Objective

Learn the ideas and facilities of the Best OpenSpace Agility Technique, such that the participants can assess the method and begin using it to achieve rapid & lasting change in their business.

Course Duration

OSA is a two-day experiential course.

Who should attend?

Consultants, facilitators and coaches who support with process and culture change in organizations will get the most from this OSA workshop. You do not require to be implementing “Agile software development” to get the most from OpenSpace Agility training.

On the contrary: The OpenSpace Agility template, with before/after Open Space events, is valid in any organization considering any kind of process.

The following kinds of participants gain the most from attendance

  • Business and executive's leaders
  • Managers of teams and departments
  • Coaches, facilitators and consultants
  • Organizational Development Professionals
  • The Agenda

The 3-part agenda is as follows:

  • Openspace facilities & concepts
  • Prime/OS
  • OSA facilities & concepts

What you will learn?

The effective Agile adoptions are powered by human engagement. Developments in morale, quality, productivity & predictability follow. OSA Workshop teaches how to attain very high levels of engagement in your Agile adoption, leading to strong progress in everything you are measuring.

During this course

  • Participants increase an understanding of the traditional dynamics of adopting agile
  • Participants learn the OSA technique, a proven way for gaining a rapid & lasting agile adoption
  • Participants learn how to rapidly implement agile in service to generating a high-performance organization
  • Sponsors, executives, coaches and team members study how to create a rapid and lasting agile adoption
  • Participants learn how to relate the OpenSpace Agility technique to stabilize troubled and ongoing agile adoptions
  • Participants learn how to modify and tailor the flexible OSA method to fit their organizational context and circumstances


By joining and successfully completing an OSA workshop you receive the OSA certificate of completion

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