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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Who We Are

“Vetta” is a Sanskrit word derived from the Bhagavad Gita, which means knower, the roots for attaining the phase of enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state of being where you raise beyond the prophecies, rituals of the world and attain a continuous state of self-discovery and self-improvement. It is more like an intellectual awakening in the world of knowledge. As Aristotle quoted “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”, we believe in continuous self-discovery, self-improvement, and introspection. ‘Agi’ is borrowed prefix from the word “Agile”. Agile in a broader sense is all about a state of being rather than a process or a framework. Agile is not just a buzzword for us, being Agile is being alive, alive in all senses. With this view of continuous self-discovery and self-improvement, AgiVetta was incorporated in 2015. Our motto is to promote and value enlightenment in an Agile world with our philosophy of 10 PEAS©. We guide and show paths for organizations for continuous improvement through investment of human resources. We are a differentiating Business consulting, Agile Coaching and Training provider in India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

Our Journey


What We Value

At Agivetta consulting, we do not believe in providing fit-for-fit solutions for your organization. Success is not a process or accomplishment which can be taught and mastered. Success is a prolonged journey of learning from our faults and experiencing a sense of enlightenment. One cannot expect to master success in a classroom or in a boardroom. We understand every organization have diverse teams and projects, so the barometer for success is varied for everyone. We trust in finding a solution that works best for you and your organization rather than imitates notions and forcefully implementing them. For us, an organization is not just a group of individuals working together, it is a family with common values and principles, which celebrates success and shares joy; helping and building foundation hand in hand.

Our Recipe for Success

We serve you with an interactive, practical experience in your own industry and domain with the right mix of spices for the transformation of your organization. We are experienced and involved in serving organizations and business units to transmute into a successful self-sustained people centric entities. We don’t just preach about a standard model of working, but focus on devising methods, tools and practices which are suited for the customers in business environment analysis of organizational values and guiding principles. We marriage your experience with our experience in the right mix of spices and garnishing the values, principles, practices from Agile philosophy. We help you produce your perfect recipe for success. Success customized for you.

Our Core Capabilities

Although we borrow freely from the philosophies of Agile, lean and system thinking, but we are not the advocates of any one philosophy, process, or framework. Our core philosophy roots in rigorous critical and analytical thinking, with a swift feedback system which enhances delivery value validifying quality to all probable products and processes. From history to present, we have seen much-evolved Agile methodologies which rooted to different dimensions of innovations with continuous involvement. We truly and firmly believe innovation and evolvement in enlightenment through maximizing our clients’ revenues by guiding them invest and gain through their people. AgiVetta’s insight in guiding “PEOPLE” of organizations to modernize and mutually outgrow draws AgiVetta consulting as the firmest service provider of this kind. With a focussed professional with creative and innovated ideas in providing training and coaching in the field of Agile, AgiVetta has placed itself as an experienced group of passionate consultants. The experienced trainers focus on devising methods, tools and practices which are best suited to guide the patrons to prosper their growth. Irrespective of the challenges, our coaches have accomplished change in precision and transformed in the most complex business environment.

Our Services

Our practical experience affords us with a wide spectrum of arrays in business environment and global culture. It ranges from IT, manufacturing, KPO, education, BFSE to NGOs and government. We have helped our clients to get a clear, focussed movement towards a more refined strategic, operational and organizational challenges. We provide services in two horizons:

Our Consulting Services includes:


AgiVetta Consulting works imbibing the Agile methodologies with the 10PEAS principles for enterprise’s Agile success. We help in nurturing and grooming the leaders of tomorrow through Agile Leadership coaching for leaders and managers. With vast experience in organizations for wide Agile Transformation and Agile coaching. Our business consulting services include developing corporate strategy and organizational culture, organizational alignment and performance and corporate governance. Our process consulting services envisage in Risk management, Operations strategy, design and Business Engineering, Product Management and sales process restructuring and support. We have announced Open Space Agility (OSA) Training which includes the power of Open Space, invitation, passage rites, game mechanics, storytelling and many more techniques for long lasting and rapid Agile adoption. Similarly, Management 3.0 Training is a movement of invention, management, and leadership. Agile Management 3.0 is redefining the meaning of leadership with management as a group accountability.


We offer dedicated Agile classroom trainings like CSM (Certified Scrum Master) training, CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) training which follows the Scrum framework. We also provide training in Scaled Agile Transformation including SAFe, LeSS, DAD, DSDM and more. Our Scaled Agile framework training includes Leading SAFe Agilist and SAFe PMPO and SAFe SASM training and many more. We have recently introduced Agile Marketing which applies Agile to Marketing activities and to have a better aligned Marketing with Agile techniques.


AgiVetta is proudly in the league of the premium organizations certifying more than 4,000 Scrum Masters in India & Asia in a single year, becoming one of the fastest certification providers in CSM across the world. Western Times quotes AgiVetta Consulting as “A pioneer in providing Enterprise Agile coaching & training, Business consulting and Organizational change management consulting services in India.

We were the proud Silver Sponsor for the Global SCRUM Gathering which was held in Bengaluru in 2016. As an “Evening Chill-out Sponsor” for AgileSG16, AgiVetta marked its presence in the Agile Singapore conference held in October 2016.

Why us

We are not the Xperts! We are simply the lanterns in your path to Success. We are progressing in our journey towards our goal. We are Passionate, Witty, Crazy, Young, Energetic team. Our motto of 10PEAS© is the root of our philosophy, evident in our working culture.


To Join an inimitable journey, mail us at: sales@agivetta.com

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