Process Consulting

Processes are everywhere. As we walk, sleep and play we are continuously performing one process or the other. An also ubiquitous yet important part of our life, processes are the building blocks on which the organizations thrive. The processes in any organization need to support the individual brilliance and analytical minds of employees to make sure that there is an optimum ecosystem created for achieving continuous success in the shortest possible time. Our process consultants are well acknowledged and recognized experts in the field of CMMI, PCM, ITIL, ITSM, COBIT, Process audit and assessments, process definition and restructuring.

What our Process Consulting services includes?

  • CMMI SCAMPI Level A & Level B Assessments
  • ITIL training, coaching and assessment
  • Service quality assessment and process refinement
  • Risk analysis and management
  • HR audits, process alignment and redefinition
  • Bridge workshops for IT - Business Alignment
  • Process Audits / Assessments

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