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Program Management : A Different World

SEPTEMBER 09, 2015


Agenda :

1. Overview of Program Management Framework

2. Understand the role of Program Manager, and differences between Project and Program Management

3. Walk through of multiple case studies, with examples and practical scenarios Benefits:

1. Stepping stone for the aspiring, budding or experience project managers to step up in their professional understanding and responsibilities

2. Appreciate the underlying concepts and need for program management framework

The Trainer :

Nitin Gera

What's the latest at my end, it is that I am an IoT evangelist who is very actively following the developments of this potentially disruptive developments in IoT, to help enterprises make sense of the IoT adoption journey. Otherwise, more traditional background is that I am an IT professional with extensive experience of bridging business objectives with IT deliveries, I have been heading IT groups for past 8 years. I have also worked in client facing role for an extended period of time in USA, which helps me bring in the perspective of business centricity into everyday operations. I am a certified program professional (PgMP Certified from PMI), 38th person in India and within first 1000 globally to achieve this feat. This coupled with my MBA background helps me in understanding and appreciating the business perspective of IT investment better, leading to better connect at the leadership levels.


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