Person Jaya Srivastava

26th August 2016

Scrumban - Best of Both Worlds


  1. Introduction & Purpose
  2. Origin
  3. Principles - Agile & Lean
  4. Basics - Scrum & Kanban
  5. Scrumban - Illustration
  6. Applicability
  7. Conclusion

The Trainer - Jaya Srivastava

* Experienced leader, trainer and coach in the field of Agile Software Development, DevOps and Business Management * Successful Practitioner of Lean and Agile world with proven track record in training and coaching * Strong inclination towards having practices which adheres with brand identity and Values. * Proven competencies in Public Speaking, Team Mentoring, Management assistance, Negotiation and Media Relations with ability to work with C-level executives. * Highly entrepreneurial in nature with interests and involvement in both for-profit and not-for-profit ventures.

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