Strategy Consulting

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do." - Michael Porter

Strategy consulting is an approach of assisting businesses with high-level decisions that enable reaching overall goals. Strategy consulting gives exposure to a wide variety of business complications. Our strategy consulting services are designed according to the principles of 10PEAS for enabling organizational profits through investment of human capital. Our strategy consulting focuses on blending business analytics, market data, customer interactions and collaborations with employee engagement and motivation. This will help in creating all-encompassing and a unique business, sales and organizational strategy. This will definitely help to grow and succeed in targeted business segment and markets.


Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy is an important starting point for a successful enterprise and is a key ingredient into product and service development and delivery. Unfortunately, most strategic consultants focus on by the book classic theories to create a corporate strategy definition but in today’s changing world your organization needs a business direction and vision which helps you stand out from competition and consistently improve and win.

Our corporate strategy consultants help you focus on total business agility by bringing in your knowledge of target markets and customers, mixed with their experience in helping small, medium and large enterprises. This also includes focussed analytics and analysis and culture assessment to create a seamless synergy into the ecosystem.

Our corporate strategy consulting covers

  • Portfolio strategy development
  • Role of corporate center, including analyses and optimizing corporate structure for efficiency, responsiveness and Agility.


Organizational strategy

Organizations are not just an amalgamation of business associates. They are a family that you build step by step. This also means that you need to imbibe the correct values, principles and culture in every member of the organization. Your organization culture also needs to align with your overall business vision and corporate strategy.

AgiVetta’s organizational strategy consulting services help you in preparing the perfect blend of strategy, process, policies and business objectives to ensure that not only your organization achieves success as a unit but also continuously improves on targets and customer satisfaction so as to achieve a win-win situation for customers, business leadership and associates alike.

Our organization strategy consulting services include

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Organizational alignment
  • Organizational design
  • Implementation support
  • Corporate governance
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