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Are you only focusing at the tip of the iceberg or also looking on what’s underneath?

Business is all about earning superior profits and surpassing the competition. But it’s not possible unless you look at what’s curtained. This is where strategy consulting plays a huge role in providing an unbiased perspective of your business, so you can adopt better business models to maximize profits and improve organizational performance.

Our strategy consulting services are thoroughly designed and curated by industry veterans that are in accordance to our guiding principles of 10PEAS: productivity, predictability, plan, people, purpose, positivity, promise, profit, persistence, and passion. With this focus, we provide a series of strategy consulting services including-

Product Strategy

A well-defined product strategy is the foundation for the entire product lifecycle. It helps defining clear goals for the teams and define strategies to reach the goals. This is where our expertise and your collaboration can help you get the clear product strategy in place. We focus on three major areas before defining the product strategy-

While Faster time-to-market and quick feedback is need-of-the-hour, careful selection of product features that you want to release is defining factor for the scope of your success. This is where we can provide you the right vision, goals and roadmap to achieve it. Here’s what we do-

  1. Vision: This is the core necessity of any product development strategy. This includes competitive analysis and go-the-market plan creation based on opportunities, target customers and their expectations, current positioning and delivery models
  2. Goals: This includes defining of measurable time-boxed objectives, that are aligned to the product vision and easy to understand, actionable and achievable
  3. Roadmap: This is a well defined roadmap that is focused on the release/launch of the product and in line with your vision and customer expectations.

Business strategy

Business strategy, one of the most misused word in the world of business management, that we bring clarity on. We help organizations understand it and focus more on one of the major principles of business strategy, that is- “compete to be unique, not to be the best”. Our business or corporate strategy consulting focusses primarily at a portfolio level, typically at the board and the CEO level as they are the core decision makers in any business. We help in-

  1. Proper analysis of the current situation
  2. Uncover hidden risks
  3. Provide tailor-made thinking
  4. Help them be more quality focused
  5. Focus on developing people
  6. Understand the definition of "Win" in the corporate world
  7. Reinforcing your strategy with the right character
  8. How to ensure that deliverables are in line with envisioned value

Market Strategy

This defines the overall game plan for a product from reaching out to the audiences and converting them into customers. Out market strategy consulting involves magnified analysis of your current market strategy and discover opportunities and approaches to accelerate your growth. We suggest solutions based on your customers, options available and the budget that you have. We have a five-step approach-

  1. Quick analysis of your current situation
  2. Target audience identification
  3. Identification and defining of clear goals
  4. Discovering communication strategies that sell
  5. Set your marketing budget

We help organizations do reverse planning for better implementation of their plans and provide a solid foundation for better ROI.


We combine strategic consulting with excellent trainings that help your leaders master the skill of defining a clear product strategy and foresee risks before they do the damage beyond repair and get -

  1. Unique solutions that derive results
  2. Speed, that's what we are there for
  3. Knowledge, we bring you the best of both the worlds(internal & external)
  4. A combination of technical skills with the competence
  5. Ability of leading the change

We also have operations consulting, software product strategy consulting, investment consulting and IT consulting under our cap.

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