Time Management in Agile

We all must have faced situations of time crisis in both personal and professional life. We normally come to a rescue phrase “I don’t have enough time.” Have we really thought why these situations arises and what are the resolutions to it? The resolutions can be traced to the power of time management, focus and prioritisation. Agile philosophy has magnified the problems of time management and gave a very extensive outlook to time, focus and prioritisation. Agile gives us outlook for getting very meaningful results.

Agile draws synthesis of systematic ways of achieving both short and long time goals. This one day workshop focused on guiding in to break the myth of time management and multi-tasking. This training will provide practical solutions to getting things done by teaching them to plan efficiently. This workshop is specially designed for entrepreneur and business leaders and anyone who wants to find resolutions to time crisis.

Target Audience

Business and Executive Leaders, Business managers, Business Unit Head, General Managers, Top and Senior Management and Consultants.

Learning from Time Management in Agile

Do it right - Do it once!

How to do multitasking?

Learn prioritization, time-boxing, flow, the rule of 3 of agile

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