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09th November 2016

Working in a Participatory Organization

Working in a participatory organization - lessons and opportunities to work Agile and include everyone in the organization Teal or Next-Stage organizations, Self Management and boss-less organizations – fantasy or reality? Susan Basterfield works with organizations in India and globally to help companies experiment, iterate and transition into their own ‘flavour’ of distributed leadership. In addition, she serves as a Foundation Catalyst for Enspiral – a legendary network 17 ventures and 300 contributors. Learn from her lived experience, as she answers questions about:

Governance: What's it like to have legal liability and limited power? (Minimal Viable Board) Finances: How do you democratically fund a community? (CoBudget) Decisions: How can you come to a consensus with 300 people and not sit in hour-long meetings? (Loomio) Management: How do you hold accountability and support in an organisation without managers? (Stewards) Leadership: How might distributed leadership actually work? (Catalysts)

The Trainer - Susan

Susan is a corporate refugee helping companies in India and globally transform the way of work. As a foundation catalyst for Enspiral and a Founding Partner of Enspiral Labs, she writes, convenes and speaks on the topics of Teal, Sociocracy and Open Participation, and works with agile methodologies and open space to emancipate the collective brain of your organization.

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